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As the first professional?tax law firm?in China, Hwuason Law Firm was founded in 2006.?Renowned for its tax law service in China, Hwuason is particular adept at dealing with?C omplex tax issues including?providing high-quality legal service in tax law dispute resolution, tax audit defense, tax planning and corporate law. Since our lawyers are experts in both tax and law, we are especially good at providing?the best solution to cope with complicated and intractable tax problems.


Hwuason has been selected as the “Best Tax Law Firm in China” for consecutive years by international professional ranking publications and institutions including Chambers and ALB. We have participated as representatives of experts in legislative activities of tax laws and regulations organized by the National People’s Congress, the State Council, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation and several other authorities.

Hwuason has represented clients in over 1,200 hard?taxation dispute cases?in China and effectively protected clients’?legitimate interests. As a Chinese tax law firm, we are accurate in analyzing the essence of the Chinese taxation related problems. And we can effectively communicate with relevant government departments.



We believe in win-win business philosophy.?With support from institutions including Hwuason Tax Agent Firms (rated as 5A)?and ?Huashui?School, we are able to meet multiple needs in taxation service and guarantee?our clients’?greater business success.