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Tax Audit Defense

Tax Audit?Defense

?Every year, over 600,000?tax audit?cases occure?around China. How to avoid furthur deterioration, reduce potential economic losses and address the tax inspection crisis are the problems every inspected taxpayer has to face.

As one of Hwuason’s core department, lawyers of tax audit defense team are experts. They understand the process of tax audit well and know the exact way how tax inspection authorities select, inspect, decide and execute cases. Since 2006, they have effectively assisted hundreds of large corporations in ?responding to tax audit. They have rich succesful experience.

How can we?help you?

Providing tax advisory services: we provide professional tax advisory service during?tax audit;


Examining evidence: we examine evidence such as?finance data, contracts and other relevant materials concerning tax audit;


Preparing for defense:?we assist you?to prepare for?the defense and submit?defense material;


Participating in special sessions: we represent you?to participate in special sessions held by tax authorities;


Participating in negotiation during tax audit: we represent clients to negotiate with tax authorities and protect client’s legitimate interests.