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Tax Dispute Resolution

  • Tax Dispute?ResolutionWith more and more?tax disputes occuring?in China, tax dispute resolution procedure, as a legitimate approach to cope with conflicts between taxpayers and tax authorities, is playing an important role to protect taxpayers’ legitimate interests.

    As one of Hwuason’s core department, lawyers of tax disbute resolution department are qualified as Chinese lawyers, certified public accountants and certified tax agents. Since 2006, they have represented clients in over 1,200 hard cases and effectively protected clients’legitimate interests. Meanwhile, based on their expertise and good communication with?the State Administration of Taxation and the General Administration of Customs, they?have successfully resolved lots of?potential tax disputes for clients.?For these reasons, tax dispute resolution department is highly recognized by clients.


    How can we help?you?

    Relationship coordination between taxpayers?and tax authoritiesbased on expertise, we represent?you to communicate and coordinate with tax authorities;

    Representation for tax hearings:?we represent you?to participate in tax hearings and submit?legal opinions;

    Representation for tax administrative reconsiderations: we represent you?to participate in tax administrative reconsiderations and provide?legal opinions;

    Representation for tax administrative litigation: we represent you?to participate in tax administrative litigation and provide legal opinions;?

    Representation for tax criminal litigation: we provide defense based on professional legal opinions in taxation criminal litigation;

    Representation for tax administrative compensation: we assist you?to apply?for administrative compensation.