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Tax Planning

As one for Hwuason’s core department, members of tax planning team are leading experts in China. Relying on expertise in tax and law, they are able to provide the mose operable tax planning strategies, and assist cliednts to implement them. In China, tax planning strategies shall be based on current tax laws and regulations and taken?full consideration of obstacles in reality, such as imperfectness of current Chinese tax laws and excessive discretion of tax authorities. They are adept at grasping the bottom line of law and manage the risks in China.

Our clients are well-known enterprises come from?industries including but not limited to high-technology, financial investment, real estate and petrochemical industries.

How?can we help you?

Applying?for tax preference:we?provide strategies?to get industrial?and regional?tax?pregerence;

Tax planning for M&As: we do tax planning for relevant tax issues and?draft ?tax-related contracts?during M&As and restructuring;

Tax planning for company listing: we do tax planning for relevant issues including equity incentive and construction of shareholding platform;

Tax planning for investment: we do tax planning for relevant issues including arrangement of tax structure and choice of registration domicile;

Perennial?tax consultancy: we provide professional legal advice for?your?daily tax issues.