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Hua Shui Certified Tax Agents (Shaanxi) Co., Ltd. Successfully Organizes Tax Law Awareness Campaign on Campus

April 25, 2024, 1:10 p.m.

On April 18th, Hua Shui Certified Tax Agents (Shaanxi) Co., Ltd., in accordance with the Shaanxi Province Certified Association's initiative for the 33rd National Tax Awareness Month, conducted a successful "Tax Law Propagation, Dream the Future" themed event at the Xi'an University of Finance and Economics, Chang'an Campus. The event aimed to instill a lawful tax consciousness among the student body and foster compliance with tax regulations across society.

The event, hosted by Dr. Li Ruohong, a young faculty member of Xi'an University of Finance and Economics, and attended by over 150 participants including Professor Shu Wei, the Dean of Business School, Xi'an University of Finance and Economics, Professor Yao Hong, a distinguished academic from the same institution and executive director of the Shaanxi Public Quality Science and Advanced Manufacturing Development Research Center, as well as Ren Yuhua, a provincial tax bureau researcher and key figure in the tax industry, and Zhang Qiaoyan, General Manager of China Tax Accountant Firm (Shaanxi) Co., Ltd., provided valuable insights into tax law and career prospects in the tax industry for college students.

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Zhou Wei, in a brief introduction, outlined the operational dynamics and future trajectories of the tax department, encouraging students to actively engage in volunteer activities within the field and consider pursuing careers within tax authorities. Ren Yuhua delved into the intricacies of the Tax Agent Industry and Tax Agent Examination and Employment for College Students, offering a comprehensive review of industry developments, examination policies, and career opportunities, while Zhang Qiaoyan shared personal anecdotes and elaborated on Accounting College Students' Career Planning and Preferential Tax Policies supporting youth employment and entrepreneurship, providing practical guidance to attendees.

[Hua Shui (Shaanxi) Zhang Qiaoyan preaching]

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Furthermore, the event featured an interactive Q&A session, facilitating deeper comprehension of the tax agent industry's significance and emphasizing the civic duty of fulfilling tax obligations.

[Summary speech by Professor Yao Hong]

In conclusion, Professor Yao Hong from Xi'an University of Finance and Economics commended the proactive efforts and notable achievements of Hua Shui (Shaanxi) Co., Ltd. in tax law education and outreach. She expressed hope for continued collaboration to advance the dissemination of tax law knowledge.

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