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Huashui, founded in Beijing in 2006, is the first tax professional law firm in China. As one of China top quality law firms, Huashui has being focusing on China tax law practices lasting for nearly two decades, and gains its leadership and high public praise in this industry. Huashui upholds the development path of branding, specialization and localization. Relying on strengths of “tax plus law”, Huashui is committed to providing top-tier tax related legal services such as planning and consults, risks management, dispute resolution and criminal defense.  
        Taking the advantage of deeply localization, Huashui is capable to accurately grasp and analyse  different kinds of tax issues in China, and has better communication with China authorities. Under the blessing of specialization, Huashui is expert in dealing with difficult and complicated tax problems, and providng the best dispute solution. Constantly striving tax law services for perfection is the biggest manifestation of Huashui’s branding, which brings more trust and recognition from related authorities, and provides powerful guarantee of striving for clients’ maximization of interests.
        Our solid foundation is laid upon safeguarding the fainess and justice of tax law, and safeguarding the taxpayers’ legal rights and interests. Huashui’s core tax related services are acting in audit response, administrative penalty hearing, administrative reconsideration, administrative proceedings and criminal defenses, which are in the lead in domestic tax services. Huashui lawyers have acted in more than 1200 difficult and complicated tax cases, effectively safeguard the taxpayers’ and the criminal defendants’ legal rights and interests, and satisfy the clients’ requirements of specialized, individualized and top qualified tax law services. Huashui has been selected as the ‘Best Tax Law Firm in China’ for consecutive years by international professional ranking publications and institutions including Chambers, ALB, AsiaLaw, Legal500 and CBLP.
        Our social duty is promoting the development of China tax lawyer industry and good law and ruling in China tax. China Tax Law Forum was initiated by Huashui in 2010, and has been successfully held annually by Huashui for eleven years. China Tax Lawyer Summer Camp was initiated by Huashui in 2014, and has been successfully held annually by Huashui for six years, which is known as ‘Huangpu Military Academy ’ of China tax lawyers. Huashui lawyers have participated as representatives of experts in legislative activities of tax laws and regulations organized by the National People’s Congress, the State Council, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation and several other authorities. Huashui lawyers have compiled more than ten published monographs such as China Tax Difficult Cases Solution Practice, China Tax Lawyer Practice, China Tax Lawyer Reviews.
        We believe in win-win business philosophy. With support from institutions including Huashui Tax Agent Firms (rated as 5A) and Huashui School, we are able to meet multiple needs in taxation service and guarantee our clients’ greater business success.

  • Work time: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
  • Tel: (+86)10-64108688
  • E-mail:zixun@huashui.com
  • Fax:(+86)10-64108288
  • Address:17 / F, block B, Jiacheng Plaza, 18 Xiaguangli, Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Postcode:100027
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