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2022 05/07

2022 Tax-related criminal risk report in the coal industry

Coal, as the basic energy of my country s national economy, has important strategic significance Due to the particularity of coal resources, the state has a greater degree of administrative dominance over the management of the coal industry

2022 05/07

Tax Risk of High-Income Individuals Report

With the rapid growth of the high-income persons in mainland China, the demand for high-income groups to save taxes through tax planning is increasing

2022 05/07

2022 Internet platform tax related criminal risk report

The combination of Internet and real industry has gradually become the trend of the digital economy era, especially under the influence of COVID-19 For example, the integration

2022 05/07

Review of 23 Compliance Non-Prosecution Cases of Falsely Issuing Special VAT Invoice

Abstract: Since the Supreme People s Procuratorate deployed the pilot work of enterprise criminal

2022 05/07

Recent Development of REITs and Related Tax Issues

Abstract:On Jan 29, 2022, the Treasury Department and the State Administration of Taxation issued the Notice No 3 of 2022, the Pilot Tax Policy of Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) in the field of Infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as “Notice

2022 05/06

Important content: a comprehensive analysis of the tax risk of income tax and value-added tax in real estate development enterprises

Editor& 39;s note: The complexity of the business of real estate development companies leads to a large number of

2022 05/06

In order to do a good job in export tax refund (exemption) during the epidemic, the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice

In order to do a good job in the export tax rebate (exemption) during the prevention and control of the novel

2022 05/06

Renewable Resource Enterprise Tax Risk Outbreak and Countermeasures in 2020

Cap 1: Renewable resource enterprise tax dilemmaIn 2008, due to changes in policy orientation, the Ministry of Fin

2020 12/16

The Storm of Tax Inspection is Coming_ Coal Industry Tax Risks Warning and Response in 2020

Background: Special Rectification in Coal Industry have found Serious ProblemsSince Feb 2020, Nei Mongol Autonomous

2022 05/06

Six special representative offices of the State Administration of Taxation fully investigate the problem of falsely making out specialized VAT invoice

In recent years, a number of suspected falsely making out specialized VAT invoice cases have been investigated an

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