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Weng Wuyao


Position: Part-time lawyer

Educational background: Law Ph.D., University of Bologna, Italy

Resume: Director and Associate Professor of the Institute of Finance, Taxation and Financial Law of Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, CUPL. His main research fields are fiscal law, tax law, and economic law. Representative monograph is "Research on EU VAT Anti-Tax Avoidance Legal Issues" (China University of Political Science and Law Press, August ,2015).

Main thesis research results:

On the Improvement of our country's Criminal Legislation for the Crime of Falsely Issuing Special Invoices for Value-Added Tax——Based on the Enlightenment of Italian Criminal Legislation and Application of Falsely Issuing Invoices, "Journal of Jinan (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)" ,Issue 5, 2020;

The Way and Impact of Artificial Intelligence to Promote the Modernization of Tax Collection and Administration, "Tax Research", Issue 6, 2018;

On the formulation of our country's taxpayer rights protection law, "Finance and Economics Law", Issue 3,2018;

The Principles of Taxation by Energy Capacity and my country's New Round of Taxation Legal Reform, "Journal of China University of Political Science and Law", Issue 5,2017;

The Italian Tax Commission System and Reference, "Tax Research" , Issue 3,2017;

The characteristics and enlightenment of the legislative framework of the value-added tax law in some European countries, "International Taxation", Issue 1,2017;

On the exercise of the right of value-added tax deduction——Based on a comparative study of China-Europe value-added tax laws, "International Business-Journal of University of International Business and Economics", Issue 5,2015;

Legal analysis of the concept of tax avoidance, "Sino-Foreign Law", Issue 3,2015;

On the Generation of Value-Added Tax Deduction Rights, "Tax Research", Issue 12, 2014.

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