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Shi Zhengwen


Position: Part-time lawyer

Education Background: Law Ph.D., Peking University

Resume: Director of Center for Research in Fiscal and Tax Law of China University of Political Science and Law, professor, PhD Tutor, Vice President of China Finance and Taxation Law Research Association, Member of the Academic Committee of the China Taxation Society, Secretary-General of the Drafting Group of the National People's Congress "Basic Taxation Law of the People's Republic of China" (Expert Draft), Finance and Taxation Consultant of the Ministry of Finance, Expert member of the Working Group on the Revision of the Tax Collection and Administration Law of the State Administration of Taxation. Published "On the Elements of Tax Law" (China Taxation Press), "On Tax Debt Law" (China University of Political Science and Law Press), "On Tax Procedure Law" (Peking University Press), "Finance and Taxation Law" (Higher Education Press) and more than twenty monographs.

Main thesis research results:

On the legislative framework of the General Rules of Tax Law, "Tax Research" ,Issue 1,2007;

Several issues concerning the establishment of taxpayer litigation in China, "Chinese Law", Issue 5, 2006;

Analysis of the problems and legislative improvement of China’s financial tax system, "Modern Laws", Issue 2, 2006;

On procedural rule of law and tax justice, "Jurists", Issue 5, 2004;

Tax procedural rights and their significance to the protection of taxpayers’ rights, "Economy and Law", Issue 9, 2002;

On the right of collection and payment-also on the issue of tax rights, "Chinese Law", Issue 6, 2002.

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