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Deciphering the China's top tax law firms,exclusive interview with Liu Tianyong, Director of Huashui Law Firm

Release Time: 2023-12-02

Recently, Legal Daily interviewed Mr. Liu Tianyong ,director of Beijing Huashui law firm, on issues such as the construction of national finance and taxation law and the development of tax lawyer industry, which was published in the Legal Daily on March 25, 2019.
If Tianyong Liu is regarded as the first Chinese tax lawyer, there should be no objection in the industry. More than a decade ago, when few lawyers in China called themselves tax lawyers, Tianyong Liu becomes "the first crab eater". In 2006, he founded China's first professional tax law firm, Huashui law firm.
Nowadays, Tianyong Liu who is already the director of the finance and Tax Law Committee of the National Lawyers Association, serves as a tax adviser for many well-known enterprises such as the world's top 500 enterprises and listed companies. Huashui law firm has also developed into a leader in China's tax lawyer industry, and has been rated as "the best Chinese tax law firm" by chambers, ALB and other international legal rating agencies for many years.
Over the past 12 years, Huashui law firm has represented more than 1200 difficult tax disputes. From real estate to energy industry, from steel industry to electronic technology industry. Huashui law firm has always kept pace with the times and constantly expanded its service fields. Recently, Huashui law firm has targeted at the waste material recycling industry involving several trillion yuan. In order to promote the development of tax law talents in China, since 2010, Huashui law firm has held tax law forums and tax lawyers' seminars, inviting experts to discuss the improvement of the national financial and taxation legal system and the development of tax lawyers. Today, Huashui law firm has become a place for many law firms and young people who aspire to become tax lawyers to visit and study.
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